Fire Damage

Early intervention will help reduce the chance of discolouration and corrosion in the fabric of the building. We will co-ordinate all works alongside the client, providing a comprehensive report with detailed analysis and recommendations for action.

Air Quality Assessment
BES Group carries out a thorough assessment to ensure air is returned to acceptable levels and implement appropriate air quality control measures.

Building Decontamination
These always include preliminary test cleans, to identify which areas of the building’s fabric will respond to cleaning – and which may not.

Odour Control
BES Group can use a variety of treatments to help eliminate a variety of residual odours.

BER (Beyond Economic Repair) Lists
All items deemed to be beyond economical restoration will be listed awaiting disposal, to help avoid delays to concurrent works.

BES Group - Disaster Recovery

The BES Difference

The best way to recover from disaster is with an honest and understanding partner at your side. For home and building owners, that means BES Group. We treat our customers as people, not as a ‘job’—and that’s the difference that sets us apart.

Cost-Efficient and Tailored Solutions

The detailed understanding that we develop helps keep your costs to a minimum because we’ll only ever use the resources that we know are strictly necessary for your precise circumstances. This ensures speedy detection, stabilisation, and implementation of the most efficient solution for them.

Industry Expertise and Environmental Benefits

With a parent company long established in the building industry, we’re uniquely placed to minimise disruption and maximise environmental benefits for insurers, homeowners, facilities companies, and commercial property owners.

Experienced Guidance

Our long industry experience, depth of knowledge, and detailed approach mean that whatever issue you’re facing, we’ve likely encountered something similar before. You can be assured that we will be at your side, guiding you through the process step by step.

Customised Client-Centric Approach

There are no blanket solutions or approaches to perceived disasters. That’s one of the reasons clients hire BES Group. They know our listening approach ensures that our processes will always be the most cost-effective.

BES Group - Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

  • Maximising continuity
  • Minimising disruption
  • Protecting the reputations of service providers