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Learn more about BES Group, a trusted provider of building restoration and maintenance services with over 50 years of collective experience and a commitment to customer care and excellence.

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Explore BES Group’s wide range of services, including stabilisation, air quality assessment, building decontamination, odour control, and leak detection, tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Get in touch with BES Group for expert advice and comprehensive services to address all your building restoration and maintenance needs.

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BES Group was established in 2014 in Hertfordshire.  As a trading division of Garrard Building and Construction Ltd, BES Group is part of a family owned Company who has been trading for nearly 75 years with a wealth of experience within the building repair industry.

Fire Damage

Learn how early interventions prevent building fabric damage, along with our comprehensive air quality assessments, decontamination strategies, odour control measures, and the management of items beyond repair.

Water Damage

Discover our stabilisation and drying services that minimise secondary damage and moisture with custom solutions, detailed reports, and environmentally considerate practices for efficient restoration.


Explore our stabilisation services to address and prevent mould, including comprehensive assessments and customised treatment plans, ensuring health safety and property integrity.


Discover how BES Group’s leak detection services utilise advanced technology and expertise to efficiently locate leaks, minimise damage, and provide cost-effective repair solutions.


Learn about our thorough and unbiased property surveys designed to identify and address dampness efficiently, potentially avoiding costly treatments by focusing on preventative measures and independent solutions.

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If you have a project and would like to see if we can cover it, please don’t hesitate to contact us.